Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Tulsa, OK

Ask Your Tulsa Dentist

Have a dental question? Rather than searching aimlessly on the internet, our dentistry team can provide all the information you need! To help you get started, you’ll find our responses to some popular questions below.

How often should I be going to the dentist?

This can vary depending on someone’s situation, but in general, everyone should visit the dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and cleaning. This allows our team to prevent most issues and stop many in their early stages before they can cause pain or damage.

Are you currently accepting new patients?

Yes! Our doors are open, and everyone is welcome. We’re ready to take care of you and everyone that matters to you under the same big roof.

Manual or electric toothbrush: which is better?

Honestly, as long as you’re brushing twice a day for two minutes and using the right technique, both types of brushes are extremely effective at preventing cavities. Electric brushes tend to be better for small children and people with mobility issues, but if you look at the research, they are basically tied when it comes to stopping tooth decay.

Are my gums supposed to bleed when I floss?

Many people believe that this is just a standard part of flossing, but this isn’t the case. Your gums should NOT bleed when you floss. This is a sign that they are inflamed, likely due to a minor infection, so you actually should be flossing more often and thoroughly. Take a little more time, and after a few days, the bleeding should slow down and eventually stop. If not, give us a call!

Will you accept my dental insurance?

My Dentist Midtown is able to accept many PPO dental insurance plans, so the answer is likely yes! To get a more definitive answer, please give us a call with your policy information nearby so we can answer all of your questions.

What is another way I can save on my dental care other than insurance?

You can also sign up for CareCredit, which is a third-party financier that is used by countless dentists around the country. With it, you can break up your out-of-pocket costs into budget-friendly installments designed to suit your situation.